From Zero to Record Breaker.

Carl Hitchborn is a music industry pioneer who went from being a baker to setting music industry history with UK bands The Hunna & Coasts.  Discover the fascinating story of how he did it.

Carl Hitchborn - From Zero to Record Breaker
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My name is Carl Hitchborn and I'm an entrepreneur from the UK. I've built various businesses from scratch including running my family bakery business. Feeling like I was unable to make the progress I wanted to make, I sought a new challenge. I wanted to find a way to become global and with no prior knowledge, decided that I would attempt to make it in the music industry.

In 2015 I believed that I had created the blueprint that would change the industry forever and between then and now, I proved this to be the case. Picking one of the most difficult genres of music, alternative rock, I built the fastest-growing alternative rock band (The Hunna) in UK history, growing from zero to 10,157 tickets in London in less than 2 years, achieving a top 15 album in the process.

This is the story of how I did it using principles that can be applied to any vertical within the business world...

“The Baker, as I call Carl, is someone who is not ‘stuck on stupid’ by legacy practices, but instead thinks in ways that work today.”

Lyor Cohen on Carl Hitchborn

Lyor Cohen

YouTube Global Music Chief

“Carl is an original thinker and a force of nature.  It’s been a great experience partnering with him on the incredible rise of The Hunna.”

Christian Tattersfield on Carl Hitchborn

Christian Tattersfield

Good Soldier Records (Former Boss of Warner Music UK)

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